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    ced on the same slopes introduced h▓er to the Haituo "farmer ski team". She joined▓ the 18-member team锛峸hose average age is 26锛峵o get more professional training and help train others interested in skiing. I

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    n December, members of the team received some international-level training organ▓ized by the Swiss Ski Association.Guo said she is excited about the vocational training and wants to learn how to wax and store

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    snowboards properly."I'm even more thrilled that I can use the opportunity to improve▓ my English and enhance my chances of being a volunteer at the Winter Olympics," she said.Z▓hao Jinrong, 48, from Jingzhuang

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    town in Yanqing, is r▓eceiving weekly training in Western-style baking and pastry-▓making from Beijing Industry and Technicians College. She has basic baking skills but never had the c▓hance to learn profession

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al techniques before.As the o▓perator of a family farm restaurant, she said ▓it is a precious opportunity to learn Western-style cooking skills and some basic English."Increasin▓g numbers of foreigners are showing up in my restaurant," she said. "To be able to▓ say hello to them in English would really help me and my business."The college is providin

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g the culinary and etiquette training for the farmers. Fang Weiguo, the college president, said it had invited a chef from a famous Western restaurant c▓hain, Maxim's de Paris, to help provide professional training."It's also a way to make up for the lack of volunteer resources for the 2022▓ Winter Olympics," Fang said.Please scan the QR Code to

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follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatSorrow, anger pour in over deadly shooting at Texas schoolSorrow, anger pour in over deadly shooting at Texas ▓schoolSorrow, anger pour in over deadly shooting at Texas school05-19-2018 08:00 BJTWASHINGTON -- Sorrow an▓d anger were pouring after an armed student killed 10 people, m

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ostly fellow students, in the state of Texas▓ on Friday, in the latest bloody school shooting to hit the United States.A 17-year-old shooter was taken into custody after opening fi▓re inside Santa Fe High School in the sou▓theast of Houston, local police said.President Donald Trum▓p addressed the shooting shortly after the news broke▓, vowing to take

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actions to protect students and secure schools."This has been going on for too long in our country," Trump said during an event at the White House. "▓We grieve and send our support and love to everyone aff▓ected by this absolutely horrible attack."However, Trump did not say what actions his administration will take to protect students.The shooting at

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